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Matt Chapman a little gem!

Matt Chapman made my ears prick up yesterday on ATR when he came out with a little gem regarding John Gosden’s Tebees Oasis. As I had earlier emailed the show about a backhanded comment regarding an earlier All Weather race which would lead us off topic I felt a little apologetic.

The usual string of clichés (some of his own design) were suddenly interrupted by the fact that Tebee’s Oasis training pattern prior to yesterday’s win was identical to that of the dam Tebee, also trained by John Gosden. Three maiden runs, into a Handicap and the winner’s enclosure.

This was particularly poignant to me as I have recently been working with another Horse Racing Tipsters looking at the relevance of breeding, particularly on the Sire side. The results of our work have been extremely good but in the back of my mind I have been looking for the rationale behind why!


I am from a family of three and we couldn’t be more different so to suggest that our attainments in life would be the same goes against logic for me. The difference is that we grew up ‘free range’ and didn’t have a trainer pigeon holing us to be a chip of the old block (how many clichés have I scored so far) and this may be the answer to my question.

With the trainers only guide to a horses potential being based on breeding they set out to create a clone of its parents, if the sire side isn’t working try the dam.

In the Tebee’s Oasis race on my ratings ALL the other runners scored a big fat zero with only Tebee’s Oasis scoring on the sire side (Oasis Dream). Breeding frequently answers the question as to why in some of those most unexpected of results. If you look at the result of Lingfield Park’s 3:45 17th March 2013 Poetic Verse 1st 25-1 from a breeding perspective you wouldn’t be asking how and why.  

This fits in nicely with my firmly held belief that to make you’re racing pay, connections intentions are of paramount importance and if a trainer is moulding a horse based upon breeding as they so frequently do you simply can’t ignore it!

And on that bombshell………   


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