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The Actuary Horse Racing Tips February 2013 Report

Sorry for the delay Guys, The Actuary February report has now been published on Scribd and can be accessed through the ‘2013 RESULTS’ page. 

Looking back over the month I guess we can be fairly satisfied with doubling the profit made in January with a cosy 35.16% strike rate. If you can use the word ‘cosy’ in a derogatory fashion, that is my intent. I would personally find a 25% strike rate and a larger profit margin more appealing but I know many of you feel far more comfortable with a high strike rate.

Ironically ‘Speed and Class’ recorded a 35.7% strike rate but was the only method with a loss of -8.12 for the month. The full break down read:






Once again we had our fair share of second (18.68%) and third (15.38%) placing which I guess is par for the course. What did hurt where the number of big prices that fell in to this category. As an example, the last day of February saw Tight Lipped advised at 11-1 and Petersboden advised at 10-1 both finishing second. The whole of the month seems to be littered with similar scenarios and a couple of these dropping in would have seen a dramatic increase in the month’s profit.

Not that we should indulge in any premature gloating but with 22 points already in the bank for March let’s hope we can break of few records!

Good luck at Kempton Park tonight.



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