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Hi and Welcome to The Actuary

My name is Mark Dillon-Boylan (alias The Actuary) and I have been speed handicapping horses for more years than I can remember. Whilst I have been happily making money from my speed figures over the years, I have found there to be a great difference between doing something simply for myself as opposed to the responsibility of providing information for other people through The Actuary blog which has become a portal for my speed figures since 2008.

For those that chose to subscribe to the service, I feel that my duty goes far beyond simply publishing the figures and providing The Actuary Horse Racing Tips. You failing in this quest is detrimental to the service I provide so its is important for me to give you maximum help and assistant, manage your expectations and educate subscribers in the fundamental keys in how to make a profit from horse racing.  The major obstacle that most new subscribers need to come to terms with in order to profit, is maintaining a disciplined approach to their investing. Once they have built up a sufficient bank and are able to detach themselves emotionally from the money and have gained a level of trust with myself, this becomes easier.

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I believe that the service I provide is unique in many ways. One of the unique factors of The Actuary is that the figures and selections are posted the evening before each UK All Weather meeting. This means that it is never a question that customers are unable to obtain the same, in some cases better prices, than those I have advised at the time of posting. This also helps with accuracy of reporting profitability as we are all enjoying the same prices.

You must appreciate that as the selection processes are driven by methodical statistical percentages, some selections may look rather odd – some of those odd selections win! I will not make you rich quick but will be a source of regular extra income that will pay for a few of life’s luxuries or those ill timed emergencies.

As helpful as it would be to offer projections on how much you are likely to win on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis, the reality of racing is that no two days are the same. As my area of expertise is All Weather Horse Racing, this adds further to the fluctuations due to seasonal trends. This makes projections impractical.

So what is the strategy and what do you get on joining The Actuary?

I personally place the vast majority of my bets with bookmakers offering a ‘Best Odds Guarantee’, these bookmakers are listed on the blog. If you do not have an account with all of these bookmakers I suggest clicking each of their links on the blog and opening an account to take advantage of their free bets offer which can be as high as £200 with Bet365. This will ensure you are able to get the best prices.

I also suggest that on receiving my email you take the earliest price available which is frequently the best price a selection ever is. As we are backing with BOG bookmakers we are safe in the knowledge that if a selection drifts we will be paid out at the best price.

The Actuary currently offers 4 methods of selections and each mention of a horse equates to 1 point. If a horse is a selection for two methods we would place a 2 point bet etc, etc.

The service costs £30 per month. This gives you full access to the blog and the evening selections email. I also offer a full money back guarantee on your first month of service if I fail to provide a profit above the cost of your subscription to £10 stakes.

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